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Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development

Low impact development is a land planning and civil engineering design approach designed to manage storm water runoff as a part of green infrastructure. Our methods use or mimic natural processes in order to achieve the protection of storm water quality and the nearby aquatic habitat.

We have extensive experience in developing and implementing low impact development documents in regards to planning and design. There are many different techniques we've used in order to adhere to the principals set-forth by the EPA such as rain gardens, vegetated rooftops, permeable pavements, and more. Our approach incorporates strategic planning and management techniques that cohesively work together to meet our client's project needs. 

By implementing Low Impact Design into your project, water can be managed in a way that reduces the impact of built areas and promotes natural water movement within your area's ecosystem or watershed.

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For more information on how we can implement low impact design into your project, please call us at 707-230-6063

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