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Septic Systems

Septic Systems

Septic systems are an integral part of most engineering projects. Whether you need a septic system designed for new construction or are repairing a failing system, Swicegood Civil Engineering will design the right septic system for you. Our septic system design solutions are tailored to meet the project and customer needs.

Our septic design service includes:

•    Existing System inspection and Evaluation
•    New System site evaluation and soil exploration
•    Percolation Testing
•    Wet Weather Ground water Determination
•    Design for Standard, Alternative, and Experimental Septic Systems
•    Topographic mapping
•    Septic system repair plans

Let Swicegood Civil Engineering develop septic plans and construction details to build your onsite wastewater system. Our septic designs accounts for customer goals, topography, soil conditions, structures, and future serviceability. We can also handle the permits, plan submittal, and communication with the Health Department.

Our engineers are experts in all types of septic systems, and the local permits requirements associated with them. We can help you treat sewage in harsh climates, at sites with poor soil conditions, at hard to access sites, and where there are strict environmental restrictions.

For a list of all of our services, visit our services page.

For more information on how we can help with your septic systems, please call us at 707-230-6063

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