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Subdivision Design

Subdivision Design

Our subdivision design services help our customers to divide land into pieces in order to make them easier to sell or develop. Rest assured that with over 20 years of land planning experience, you are in no better hands than the engineers at Swicegood Civil Engineering.

Our subdivision design service includes:

•    Feasibility Studies
•    Tentative maps for major and minor subdivisions
•    Construction Document Development
•    Permitting
•    Preliminary Cost Estimates
•    Bid Assistance
•    Construction Management

Our engineers are committed to providing the expertly planed and efficient subdivision design for our customers. We look at your individual project goals, budgetary requirements, and time-table when it comes to developing your design.

For a list of all of our services, visit our services page.

Have questions about our subdivision design services, please call us at 707-230-6063

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